We differ from most of our competitors in several ways. Our main difference is the way in which we work as a team for our clients, providing personal attention every step of the way. In most firms, each advisor has his or her own set of clients. While any two advisors in the same firm may operate in a somewhat similar manner, clients almost always receive two different levels of service as well as quality of advice. All clients are firm clients and are counseled in the same manner and receive the same innovative level of advice and hands-on, courteous service. 

Another way we differ from our competitors is through our Strategic Alliance Network, this allows us to go straight to the source for answers to the most demanding and complex questions that our clients may have, so that we can provide the solutions they require.

We further differ from our competitors in that we create customized solutions for our clients. One simple example of this is, oftentimes, our clients come to us with investments, which have a low cost basis. At many of our competitor’s firms, they would simply sell the asset and fit the proceeds into their investment offering. We will provide a comprehensive analysis of all securities as well as their tax ramifications would first take place and then be discussed at length. A strategy would then be developed and agreed upon by the client. If a particular security no longer fits the portfolio, a plan of attack would be developed to liquidate it. Typically, securities with a low cost basis would be whittled down over time, utilizing losses from other securities.

Lastly, but not least, our compensation is exclusively based on what is best for our clients’ individual needs. There are many different compensation arrangements for clients to choose from (Asset Based Fee, Hourly, or Fee by Plan Design) thereby allowing us to work in the clients’ best interests and solely for them. In other words, we act in a fiduciary capacity.